Tips for the chemicals transport

With over 3.000 companies, chemical industry is one of the largest and most consolidated industrial sectors in this country. Its weight as the economic engine of Spain results in the generation of 5,5% of GDP and 3,7% of employment in Spain (FEIQUE). From CST Grupo we help you to know the necessary information for chemical products transportation.


The chemical sector is the 2nd largest exporter in the Spanish economy, only behind the automobile, which makes chemical products transportation a key point in the economy.


textile logsitics

Customs warehouse: definition, advantages and profiles involved

When a company has the need to transport goods to another country, on many occasions crossing the pond, one of the most present concerns during the operation is their storage. The safety of the goods is undoubtedly a priority for companies, and it is key for the customer when choosing one carrier or another. This is where the customs warehouse comes into play, as it is considered one of the strategies used in storing business transactions with greater efficiency.

But what is it? What benefits does it present us? Who is involved?



Keys for land transport of heavy goods

Previously we have commented on the importance of knowing how to transport fragile elements such as ceramics, or even knowing how to transport renewable energy machinery. Today, however, we want to talk about the keys to transport heavy goods, because in many cases, poor management of this type of transport can imply an economic loss for both the company that sends the goods, as well as for the carrier.



Maritime transport between Spain and India: Most popular goods

In previous posts we have discussed some of the legal and logistical aspects of maritime transport between Spain and India, but this time, we want to dig a little deeper and offer you updated information on the most popular goods transported between these two countries.

We have already commented previously that India may be a possible world power by the year 2050, due, among other things, to the progressive reduction of poverty in the country; the collaboration of the EU with the country for its progress in fields such as research, the mobility of professionals and students to the country, sustainable development … So that all this makes the country a great opportunity for years for the transport of goods international.




Situations and goods in which to use air freight

When transporting different goods between countries, air freight is another of the services that can be taken into account.

Speed, security or comfort are some of the characteristics that make us consider this type of transport when we need to move different goods to other parts of the world. However, although it is true that there are certain keys that will undoubtedly make us opt for air transport, there are also some points to keep in mind that will make us perhaps have to choose another type of transport; Either by legislation or because the needs of our journey do not comply with what air transport offers.

Next, we list some of the situations in which to choose air transport and on the other hand, some points to take into account when our merchandise meets certain characteristics related to dangerous or even prohibited merchandise.