Demoras y ocupaciones en el transporte marítimo

Demurrages and detentions in maritime transport

The transport companies work daily so that the cargo always arrives in the time and manner established at its destination. However, this task can be complicated when at some point in the operation, maritime transport intervenes. In this sector, we have to take into account the concepts of demurrages and detentions in maritime transport and the problems that these can cause us so that the transport is carried out successfully.

Demurrages and detentions in maritime transport are two terms to take into account, since they imply, among others, variable costs that may not have been contemplated at first.

Keep reading and we will briefly explain what they are and how they can affect the international transport of goods.



transporte internacional de mercancías y el brexit

International freight transport and Brexit

After several weeks since the arrival and entry into force of Brexit, the logistics sector continues to adapt to the new situation in terms of international freight transport and Brexit.

Initially, the agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom promised to be beneficial for both markets, however, the day to day is preventing a flow of goods as smoothly as companies and logistics operators would like.

So what has changed? How should we act in the face of these operations, which are now considered imports and exports?

Read on and find out which customs procedures have to be taken into account for both cases.