transporting ceramics

Transporting ceramics: What to consider?

Today from CST Group we want to talk about certain points to take into account when transporting ceramics to different countries.

Ceramic is used as a material for different utilitarian and decorative purposes, and that of Spain, due to its historical quality, becomes one of the country’s first exports to different parts of the world. Specifically, the ceramics from Castellón are really famous, which is why there is a high number of transport routes for this material from this point of the peninsula to various parts of the world.

In this post, we explain, among other things, who are the countries that most demand this material and how to transport ceramics safely, ensuring that your merchandise arrives in perfect condition at its destination.



chemicals products transport

Tips for the chemicals transport

With over 3.000 companies, chemical industry is one of the largest and most consolidated industrial sectors in this country. Its weight as the economic engine of Spain results in the generation of 5,5% of GDP and 3,7% of employment in Spain (FEIQUE). From CST Grupo we help you to know the necessary information for chemical products transport.


The chemical sector is the 2nd largest exporter in the Spanish economy, only behind the automobile, which makes chemical products transportation a key point in the economy.


Incoterm FOB 2020

The Incoterm FOB 2020 Free on Board or “on board” is the most used term at a commercial level.

Coming from the era of transportation by sailing boats, it is used for sales operations in which the transportation of merchandise is carried out by boat, whether sea or river. The FOB Incoterm should always be used followed by the name of the loading port. FOB is one of the most used incoterms.