Maritime transport between Spain and India: Most popular goods

In previous posts we have discussed some of the legal and logistical aspects of maritime transport between Spain and India, but this time, we want to dig a little deeper and offer you updated information on the most popular goods transported between these two countries.

We have already commented previously that India may be a possible world power by the year 2050, due, among other things, to the progressive reduction of poverty in the country; the collaboration of the EU with the country for its progress in fields such as research, the mobility of professionals and students to the country, sustainable development … So that all this makes the country a great opportunity for years for the transport of goods international.




Situations and goods in which to use air freight

When transporting different goods between countries, air freight is another of the services that can be taken into account.

Speed, security or comfort are some of the characteristics that make us consider this type of transport when we need to move different goods to other parts of the world. However, although it is true that there are certain keys that will undoubtedly make us opt for air transport, there are also some points to keep in mind that will make us perhaps have to choose another type of transport; Either by legislation or because the needs of our journey do not comply with what air transport offers.

Next, we list some of the situations in which to choose air transport and on the other hand, some points to take into account when our merchandise meets certain characteristics related to dangerous or even prohibited merchandise.



transporte de energías renovables

Keys to transporting renewable energy

Spain is one of the main countries worldwide when it comes to the international production of components and materials necessary for the installation of renewable energies. In the transport of renewable energy, we must bear in mind that we are talking about goods that can be very bulky. In most cases, transportation has to be Door to Door even between continents. This also means that we are talking about a high number of containers or shipments of an urgent nature by air. These projects generally have a maturity period of approximately one and a half years. This is because socio-economic, environmental and governmental factors have to be taken into account.

For this reason, and due to the particularities that this service entails, at CST Group we have specialized in the transport of renewable energy in recent years, taking into account certain keys when carrying out this type of logistics.



Keys in the transport of renewable energy


The main types of machinery related to the transport of renewable energy are those related to:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydraulics energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bioenergy energy

In the transport of this type of merchandise, it is essential that logistics comply with each and every one of the necessary steps to guarantee the efficiency of the service, and avoid problems of time, security, loss or breakage of merchandise. To do this, we thus establish the following keys.


Choice of type of transport


Depending on the characteristics of the machinery to be transported, we must know how to choose the most suitable means of transport.

We will do it by sea if we are talking about a large volume and mass of cargo; by air, when we talk about spare parts or certain urgent maintenance, as it is the fastest means in these cases; or by land, if what we want is to gather all the components in case they arrive from different suppliers and thus make a single shipment, which greatly reduces costs.




Directly related to the previous point, here the programming of departure and arrival dates comes into play; organization with other possible suppliers; review of permits, licenses and paperwork … So that we avoid last minute unforeseen events as much as possible and, thus, we can guarantee maximum efficiency in the service.



We are talking about parts, machinery and in general, very delicate merchandise. It is crucial that the transport complies 100% with all security measures, in order to comply with a zero-incident policy and thus avoid any type of damage to the goods. Let’s not forget that in the transport of renewable energies it is extremely important that we do not overlook anything, since only in this way can we guarantee that no energy company or, failing that, companies that enjoy this type of energy, lose performance in their capacity productive.



CST Group: Specialists in renewable energy transport


From CST, our renewable energy transport service does not refer only to transport as such, but we take into account consulting and advice to our clients to achieve maximum efficiency in the service. It is important to mention our customs agency service, which enables significant cost savings and the use of tax or tariff benefits that the project could access.

We offer a specialized and highly qualified team in the logistics of renewable energy merchandise, which means that we carry out all the necessary measures so that the shipment occurs correctly, ensuring that the merchandise arrives in a timely manner.

Do you need a unique budget adapted to your needs? Get in touch with us and ask us about our renewable energy transportation rates.

transportar cerámica

Transporting ceramics: What to consider?

Today from CST Group we want to talk about certain points to take into account when transporting ceramics to different countries.

Ceramic is used as a material for different utilitarian and decorative purposes, and that of Spain, due to its historical quality, becomes one of the country’s first exports to different parts of the world. Specifically, the ceramics from Castellón are really famous, which is why there is a high number of transport routes for this material from this point of the peninsula to various parts of the world.

In this post, we explain, among other things, who are the countries that most demand this material and how to transport ceramics safely, ensuring that your merchandise arrives in perfect condition at its destination.



Demoras y ocupaciones en el transporte marítimo

Demurrages and detentions in maritime transport

The transport companies work daily so that the cargo always arrives in the time and manner established at its destination. However, this task can be complicated when at some point in the operation, maritime transport intervenes. In this sector, we have to take into account the concepts of demurrages and detentions in maritime transport and the problems that these can cause us so that the transport is carried out successfully.

Demurrages and detentions in maritime transport are two terms to take into account, since they imply, among others, variable costs that may not have been contemplated at first.

Keep reading and we will briefly explain what they are and how they can affect the international transport of goods.