Keys for land transport of heavy goods

May 17 2021

Previously we have commented on the importance of knowing how to transport fragile elements such as ceramics, or even knowing how to transport renewable energy machinery. Today, however, we want to talk about the keys to transport heavy goods, because in many cases, poor management of this type of transport can imply an economic loss for both the company that sends the goods, as well as for the carrier.




Transportation of heavy goods: Definition of the goods


Heavy goods are characterized by being wide, long and tall and, in addition, have a high weight due to the material with which they are manufactured. In most cases, we are talking about materials such as aluminum or other metals.

As in other cases, we comment on the importance of knowing how to place and secure pallets, the transport of heavy goods requires the use of specific tools and machinery for their transport. We are talking about cranes, lifting trestles and other types of infrastructure.


Heavy goods transport: what to consider?


Whether they are supply, import or export operations, it is important to be able to guarantee minimum conditions so that the shipment is done correctly and the merchandise reaches its destination in the precise conditions.


1. Security


In addition to securing the merchandise in the indicated way and avoiding falls or displacement, it is very important that a correct distribution of the load is carried out on the truck, so that we avoid breakage or chafing. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that moving or overturning heavy goods in a truck can even lead to a serious accident on the road.


2. Loading and unloading


Here the people in charge of these operations play a very important role, who must be fully qualified and have the necessary machinery to carry out these actions.


3. Storage


We must have the necessary warehouses both at origin and destination. In addition, these warehouses must be duly guarded, in order to guarantee the security and control of the merchandise, since generally when we talk about heavy merchandise, we also speak of really expensive merchandise.


4. Classification and control of the merchandise


Here we have to take into account the civil liability for the merchandise, which in this case corresponds to the transport operator in question. As we said, heavy merchandise generally implies a significant cost due to the expensive material, as well as capital goods and logistics that involve a high investment, hence, if there is any damage or incidence with respect to the merchandise produced by the carrier is the responsibility of the operator.


CST Group: Specialists in heavy freight transport


When choosing a transport operator for this type of goods, it is necessary to take into account factors such as safety, professionalism and experience. CST Grupo has 30 years of experience behind it, transporting goods of all kinds by land, air and sea, always guaranteeing the care and arrival of the cargo at its destination in perfect condition.

If you need more information or a quote, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to send you a personalized quote.