Transporte especial de mercancías, lo hacemos posible

November 27 2019

The special transport of goods is part of the wide variety of services that make up the CST Group, which allows the transfer of loads with some peculiarities.

Within the transport of goods there is a typology called special transport that is used in some specific cases and has specific characteristics. At CST, we have extensive experience in this service, both by sea and land.

What determines that a transport requires a different process?

The type of merchandise is the key. Among those that require specific treatment, there are those of large dimensions, those that are perishable and those that are considered dangerous.

In any of the three cases, a specific regulation is needed to ensure the safety of users and traffic in general.

Special transport: all requirements

The General Vehicle Regulations, approved by Royal Decree 2822/1998 of 23 December, establish the maximum length and width of a lorry. However, these dimensions are not always sufficient for certain transports where the load is indivisible, and therefore specific regulation is necessary.

In order to make the transfer possible, the first thing we need is a supplementary authorization for the movement, which sets out the optimum measures for its correct stowage, as well as for preventing any risk of road safety, damage to infrastructures and other damage.

These authorizations are in turn divided into three, depending on the dimensions and masses:

  • Generic
  • Specific
  • Exceptional


What are the conditions for this type of transport?

The regulation includes many rules for special transport, but among them are the need to maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters from the vehicle in front, to make their stops off the road and shoulder, to have light signals that determine the volume of the truck both in front and behind, and to carry the dipped headlights at all times.

In addition, if the transport used exceeds 5 meters in width, it must be accompanied by the authorities responsible for road safety or by a pilot vehicle when it exceeds 3 metres in width and 20.55 metres in length.

Finally, depending on the type of authorization, the maximum speed will also be limited, and even the driving hours in the case of exceptional authorizations in certain situations.

You set the challenge, we help you reach your destination

At the CST Group we take care of the complete logistics required for the correct performance of this type of transport, ensuring that the goods arrive at their destination in optimum conditions and comply with the regulations in each case.

To do this, we review the itinerary of the entire journey and carry out full door-to-door loads, both in national and international territory, offering once again a comprehensive quality service to our customers.

Do you have doubts or need more information about the goods you need to move? We make it happen!