Our mission is to offer the best service to our customers, attentive and advising all the time. Our goal is satisfy through a job well done. We make each service more flexible, comfortable and safe for each customer.

A SERVICE is a set of activities with the purpose of meeting the necessities of the customer. It requires constant investment, which also has few physical restrictions.


A renowned company selected by our customers due to our excellence and personal attentiveness. Thus we want to develop our identity, reflecting our values and spirit, promoting the development and well-being of our employees and customers, our most valuable asset, in order to offer better service every day.

COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS. At CST Group we know that what is most important is the satisfaction of our customers. Thus this is the reason why our commitment is to offer a service that fulfils and exceeds your expectations.


The values are an essential part of CST Group. It guides the path we should follow and defines what is the company, our philosophy and management. It is based on the following values:

INTEGRAL: adj. Said about a person: Upright, one who tries, faultless.

CREATIVITY: “The ability to respond in an adaptive manner to the need for new approaches and products.”

CREATIVE: “A person who solves problems regularly, readies products or defines new issues in a field, so that at the beginning it is considered new, but which in the end becomes accepted within a complex cultural context.”

THE LEADERSHIP in the Organizations comprises part of the most important central factors for achieving the objectives that can be attained in organizations, so it is necessary to know the skills essential for a good job performance. TEAM WORK is defined as the combination of two or more people organized in a determined manner, cooperating to achieve a common goal consisting of a project’s execution.